Don’t say “I want to die”

Mess up.
Nice to meet you, my name is John Manjiro.

I think the person reading this now is the one who thinks “I want to die”.
I want people who want to die to read it.

I have depression, as you can see on my blog. It is the same now and in the future.
I became a member of society and soon became depressed.
I thought of myself as suicide and sometimes took self-injury or took a large amount of medication.

It’s strange when seen from the average person. I know that.
However, it was these words that I could understand the most.

If you were told this, then did you think you can die?
I’m sure some people have the same depression, but some do not.If you wonder, “Can I die?”
Talk to someone about it, don’t be confident or stubborn and talk like a greeting.
I’m sure I still have something to think about my way of life.
Anyone is fine. Any beginning method will do. Any way of talking is acceptable.
You don’t have to listen to the person you talked to.
Please keep your mind organized by speaking.
Certainly there is something you can see by talking.
But if you have time to say, please line someone.
Please call someone. I’m sure something will change.
And look at this when you want to die again.

If you want to die

Think about where you died.
Maybe there is heaven or hell.
Maybe you just spend the space of “nothing” forever with your awareness.
In any case, the person who wants to die should have been more painful than the pain, suffering, or pain in the process of death.
You shouldn’t mind the fear beyond death.
Then you must have the strongest “weakness” that no one can beat.
No human can escape from “death”. No matter how smart or how strong you are,
Your “weakness” in trying to reach something that no one can win is the strongest “weakness.”
You may not understand what I mean.
However, you have an experience that is second to none and cannot be compared to anyone, and the strongest “weakness” that arose from it.
Experiences and perceptions vary from person to person. That’s why I can’t compare it to anyone.
Some people will compare even if they are told not to compare with others.
Then compare, compare your “weakness” with the “weakness” of others.

Do you have what you win?
If you do not win, your “weakness” is still high.
So please do your best.
You have the strength to work hard.

If you win, you are the strongest.
There is nothing scary.
You should be able to do anything.
That’s why don’t use that strength for something worthless called “death.”

I live now because I want to die.

I’m not afraid to die if I hit my mouth lightly.
That’s why I don’t want to die. Someday, I will fight until I feel scared of “death”.
Because my weakness is “the strongest weakness”.

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