How to cure depression

・Psychological education, directive psychotherapy, use of antidepressants/antipsychotics…

Concrete treatment is still difficult.
Of course, you may be able to adjust your mood while taking medicine.
There is also a treatment that calms you down by talking to a counselor.
Depression is a mental illness.
No one has a complete grasp of the completely different “heart” of each person.
Cut out only the good points of others to create your own “heart”.
I’m sure that is the fastest way.

Is it possible to understand someone’s heart 100%?

If you think you understand, you’re not sure yet.
If you think “I don’t know,” you’re probably trying to figure it out, or you’ve definitely decided not to.
First of all, I don’t want to hear from people who say “I understand,” and I don’t believe in what people can say easily.
Even if a person with the same depression can “understand” that person and me, the place where they were born and where they grew up are different.
But I also try to listen to people like that. (I don’t really like it)
Because I think that person’s way of thinking and opinion are also important.
That’s why I’m only thinking about what I think is good.
Don’t let others live your life. And to avoid being swayed by the momentary emotions.

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