Depression symptoms

What are the symptoms of depression?

Mind: Interest, decrease in pleasure, sleep disorders, decrease in energy, increase in sense of worthlessness and guilt etc.
Body: Feeling tired, sudden weight loss or weight gain etc.
While the above symptoms are intricately intertwined, finally
⇒ It leads to suicide ideation and suicide attem

In a clear example of a mental condition

Feeling depressed and not motivated.
I remember only sad and painful things.
My tears became fragile.
I’m no longer interested in fun. Etc
These are not necessarily symptoms of depression.
Depression has various classifications and degrees. So I don’t recommend comparing yourself to other people.
Because I’ve broken my mind and body by comparing myself with others.

In my case…

At first I didn’t think I would get sick.
I didn’t cry even when it was painful, and I thought that this was the norm even if it was tight.
Even if everyone around me is working hard, it’s okay for me to escape here.
I think that I was messing about in my own way of thinking.
But without knowing what caused it or what went wrong, I fell ill in this way.
When I noticed, I put the knife on my wrist and returned to the coldness of the knife.

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