Mess up!

Nice to meet you, my name is John Manjiro!
I am writing stories that will help you to reconsider your thoughts and your everyday life.

How are you feeling now

Are You Happy With Depression?
Is it fun to get depressed and unable to go to work or school?I got sick, what should I do?
I’m worried that I’ll be able to go back.
What is it like to live like this? Isn’t that what you think?
Me too.
What should I do now? What does it mean to spend time doing nothing like this?
It’s just days to think so.

What should you do

Do what you want If you don’t want to do anything
I think my doctor tells me to take a good rest and not to overdo it.
Certainly it is not good to overdo it. But if that’s what you want to do?
You don’t have to overdo what you don’t want.
However, if you have something you want to do, please do it.
I’m sure there will be various backgrounds.
But I’m sure there is something I can do.
I’m sure there is something I want to do.
Try to do your best in it.

After that?

For some people, having worked hard will lead to some kind of work.
Some people should not.
As a result of all our efforts, some people may be burdened or annoyed.
That’s a matter of course. please do not worry.
Then give me something back.
Anything will be fine. Surely at that time, you’ll find something you can return.

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